Wire Thread Inserts - Screw Locking Thread

Product Details

Wire thread inserts are a helical coiled wire insert used to create an internal screw thread. They are often used to repair a worn or damaged thread but can also be used to create a thread in softer materials. This type have a uniquley designed coil which grips the thread of the screw creating a screw-locking device.

Available in a wide range of sizes and thread lengths.

Thread Size
Order CodeOrder MultipleQty
M2 x 0.41DXWTIL21D100
M2 x 0.41.5DXWTIL215D100
M2 x 0.42DXWTIL22D100
M2 x 0.42.5DXWTIL225D100
M2 x 0.43DXWTIL23D100
M2.5 x 0.451DXWTIL251D100
M2.5 x 0.451.5DXWTIL2515D100
M2.5 x 0.452DXWTIL252D100
M2.5 x 0.452.5DXWTIL2525D100
M2.5 x 0.453DXWTIL253D100
M3 x 0.51DXWTIL31D100
M3 x 0.51.5DXWTIL315D100
M3 x 0.52DXWTIL32D100
M3 x 0.52.5DXWTIL325D100
M3 x 0.53DXWTIL33D100
M4 x 0.71DXWTIL41D100
M4 x 0.71.5DXWTIL415D100
M4 x 0.72DXWTIL42D100
M4 x 0.72.5DXWTIL425D100
M4 x 0.73DXWTIL43D100
M5 x 0.81DXWTIL51D100
M5 x 0.81.5DXWTIL515D100
M5 x 0.82DXWTIL52D100
M5 x 0.82.5DXWTIL525D100
M5 x 0.83DXWTIL53D100
M6 x 1.01DXWTIL61D100
M6 x 1.01.5DXWTIL615D100
M6 x 1.02DXWTIL62D100
M6 x 1.02.5DXWTIL625D100
M6 x 1.03DXWTIL63D100
M8 x 1.251DXWTIL81D100
M8 x 1.251.5DXWTIL815D100
M8 x 1.252DXWTIL82D100
M8 x 1.252.5DXWTIL825D100
M8 x 1.253DXWTIL83D100
M10 x 1.51DXWTIL101D100
M10 x 1.51.5DXWTIL1015D100
M10 x 1.52DXWTIL102D100
M10 x 1.52.5DXWTIL1025D100
M10 x 1.53DXWTIL103D100
M12 x 1.751DXWTIL121D100
M12 x 1.751.5DXWTIL1215D100
M12 x 1.752DXWTIL122D100
M12 x 1.752.5DXWTIL1225D100
M12 x 1.753DXWTIL123D100

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