• American Style UNC Stainless Nutsert

Type NAL-A2 US Style, Large Head, Knurled Rivet Nuts (UNIFIED) A2 Stainless

Product Details

These NAL 'US' Style rivet nuts have a large / thick head and are installed in predrilled or punched holes without any extra hole preparation. They are compatible with a major American brand and have a larger body and hole diameter which can improve the installed performance of the part. Rivet nuts are installed from one side only using a pneumatic, cordless or hand rivet nut tool.

Type NAL-A2 features

  • Large / Thick Head
  • Round Knurled Body
  • Open End
  • A2 / 304 Stainless Steel



Thread SizeGrip RangeGripmor Part NoHole DiameterBody DiameterHead DiameterHead ThicknessOverall Length
8-32 UNC0.5-2.0NAL8/32-A26.756.79.90.811.5
8-32 UNC2.0-3.3NAL8/32-3.3-A26.756.79.90.812.7
10-24 UNC0.5-3.3NAL10/24-A27.67.510.50.812.9
10-24 UNC3.3-5.7NAL10/24-5.7-A27.67.510.50.815.7
10-32 UNF0.5-3.3NAL10/32-A27.67.510.50.812.9
10-32 UNF3.3-5.7NAL10/32-5.7-A27.67.510.50.815.7
1/4 UNC0.7-4.2NAL1/4-20-A2109.912.7115.7
1/4 UNC4.2-6.6NAL1/4-20-6.6-A2109.912.7118.3
5/16 UNC0.7-3.8NAL5/16-18-A213.513.417.4118.5
5/16 UNC3.8-7.9NAL5/16-7.9-A213.513.417.4121.5
3/8 UNC0.7-3.8NAL3/8-16-A213.513.417.4118.5
3/8 UNC3.8-7.9NAL3/8-16-7.9-A213.513.417.4121.5

Dimensions in mm

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Thread Size
For Sheet Thickness
Hole Size Required
Part RefOrder CodeOrder MultipleQty
8-32 UNC0.5-2.06.75NAL8/32-A2XN16832A2check
8-32 UNC2.0-3.36.75NAL8/32-3.3-A2XN1683233A2check
10-24 UNC0.5-3.37.6NAL10/24-A2XN161024A2check
10-24 UNC3.3-5.77.6NAL10/24-5.7-A2XN16102457A2check
10-32 UNF0.5-3.37.6NAL10/32-A2XN161032A2check
10-32 UNF3.3-5.77.6NAL10/32-5.7-A2XN16103257A2check
1/4 UNC0.7-4.210NAL1/4-20-A2XN1614A2check
1/4 UNC4.2-6.610NAL1/4-20-6.6-A2XN161466A2check
5/16 UNC0.7-3.813.5NAL5/16-18-A2XN16516A2check
5/16 UNC3.8-7.913.5NAL5/16-7.9-A2XN1651679A2check
3/8 UNC0.7-3.813.5NAL3/8-16-A2XN1638A2check
3/8 UNC3.8-7.913.5NAL3/8-16-7.9-A2XN163879A2check

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