Cage Nuts, Steel Zinc

Product Details

The cage nut is a square metal nut retained in a spring steel metal cage that can be slotted into a square hole. This allows the cage to be located on the underside of a part. Screws are then assembled onto the nut from the top side, without the need to hold the nut.

The nut fits loosely in the cage allowing for some movement to assist the assembly and adjustment of the screw.


Part NoHole Size AFOverall Cage WidthOverall Cage Height
M3 N6.810.57.2
M4 N6.810.57.2
M4 N 9.59.513.28.6
M4 W 9.59.513.29.5
M4 EW 9.59.513.210.2
M5 N9.513.28.6
M5 W9.513.29.5
M5 EW9.513.210.2
M6 N9.513.28.6
M6 W9.513.29.5
M6 EW9.513.210.2
M8 N12.817.810.6
M8 W12.817.811.5
M8 EW12.817.813.0
M10 N12.817.810.6
M10 W12.817.811.5
M10 EW12.817.813.0
M12 W14.020.015.0
M12 EW14.020.016.5

Dimensions in mm

Thread Size
For Sheet Thickness
Hole Size Required
Part RefOrder CodeOrder MultipleQty
M30.7-1.66.8M3 NXK3168100
M40.7-1.66.8M4 NXK4168100
M40.7-1.69.5M4 N 9.5XK4195100
M41.7-2.69.5M4 W 9.5XK4295100
M42.0-3.29.5M4 EW 9.5XK4395100
M50.7-1.69.5M5 N 9.5XK5195100
M51.7-2.69.5M5 W 9.5XK5295100
M52.0-3.29.5M5 EW 9.5XK5395100
M60.7-1.69.5M6 N 9.5XK6195100
M61.7-2.69.5M6 W 9.5XK6295100
M62.0-3.29.5M6 EW 9.5XK6395100
M80.7-1.612.8M8 N 12.8XK81128100
M81.7-3.212.8M8 W 12.8XK82128100
M83.3-4.712.8M8 EW 12.8XK83128100
M84.8 - 6.212.8M8 VEW 12.8XK84128check
M100.7-1.612.8M10 N 12.8XK101128100
M101.7-3.212.8M10 W 12.8XK102128100
M103.3-4.712.8M10 EW 12.8XK103128100
M104.8 - 6.212.8M10 VEW 12.8XK104128check
M121.8-3.214.0M12 W 14.0XK122140check
M123.3-4.714.0M12 EW 14.0XK123140check
M124.8 - 6.214.0M12 VEW 14.0XK124140check

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