• Thru Hole Hard Stainless Standoff

Hard Stainless (C - SO4) Through Hole Clinch Standoffs

Product Details

Through hole clinch standoffs provide a permanent captive threaded spacer in thin metal materials. The C - SO4 range are made of 400 series extra hard stainless steel and are recommended for use if the parent material is stainless steel, as they can be installed in material of up to 88 HRB hardness. 400 series Martensitic stainless has a higher carbon content and also has magnetic properties.

A range of standard lengths are listed below, if you need a different size then please enquire.


Thread SizeBody DiameterMin Sheet ThicknessMin. distance centre to panel edge

Dimensions in mm

Thread Size
Hole Size Required
Part RefOrder CodeOrder MultipleQty
M334.2C - SO4 4.2 M3 X 3XC664233100
M344.2C - SO4 4.2 M3 X 4XC664234100
M364.2C - SO4 4.2 M3 X 6XC664236100
M384.2C - SO4 4.2 M3 X 8XC664238100
M3104.2C - SO4 4.2 M3 X 10XC6642310100
M3124.2C - SO4 4.2 M3 X 12XC6642312100
M3144.2C - SO4 4.2 M3 X 14XC6642314100
M3164.2C - SO4 4.2 M3 X 16XC6642316100
M345.4C - SO4 5.4 M3 X 4XC665434100
M365.4C - SO4 5.4 M3 X 6XC665436100
M385.4C - SO4 5.4 M3 X 8XC665438100
M3105.4C - SO4 5.4 M3 X 10XC6654310100
M3125.4C - SO4 5.4 M3 X 12XC6654312100
M3145.4C - SO4 5.4 M3 X 14XC6654314100
M3165.4C - SO4 5.4 M3 X 16XC6654316100
M447.2C - SO4 M4 X 4XC6644100
M467.2C - SO4 M4 X 6XC6646100
M487.2C - SO4 M4 X 8XC6648100
M4107.2C - SO4 M4 X 10XC66410100
M4127.2C - SO4 M4 X 12XC66412100
M4147.2C - SO4 M4 X 14XC66414100
M4167.2C - SO4 M4 X 16XC66416100
M4187.2C - SO4 M4 X 18XC66418100
M4207.2C - SO4 M4 X 20XC66420100
M5107.2C - SO4 M5 X 10XC66510check
M5127.2C - SO4 M5 X 12XC66512check
M5167.2C - SO4 M5 X 16XC66516check
M5207.2C - SO4 M5 X 20XC66520check

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