• Low Displacement Clinch Stud

Steel Zinc (C - FHL) Close-to-edge Clinch Studs

Product Details

The C - FHL range of 'Close-to-edge' clinch studs feature a smaller diameter head design which displaces less metal than the standard type. This means that if required, the stud can be installed even closer to the edge of the panel without causing any bulge to the panel edge.

These METRIC studs are hardened steel zinc plated and suitable for press installation into materials of up to 80HRB hardness.


Thread SizeHole DiameterMin sheet thicknessMin distance centre to panel edge

Dimensions in mm

Thread Size
Part RefOrder CodeOrder MultipleQty
M2.56C - FHL M2.5 X 6 ZIXC27256100
M2.58C - FHL M2.5 X 8 ZIXC27258100
M2.510C - FHL M2.5 X 10 ZIXC272510100
M2.512C - FHL M2.5 X 12 ZIXC272512100
M2.515C - FHL M2.5 X 15 ZIXC272515100
M2.518C - FHL M2.5 X 18 ZIXC272518100
M36C - FHL M3 X 6 ZIXC2736100
M38C - FHL M3 X 8 ZIXC2738100
M310C - FHL M3 X 10 ZIXC27310100
M312C - FHL M3 X 12 ZIXC27312100
M315C - FHL M3 X 15 ZIXC27315100
M318C - FHL M3 X 18 ZIXC27318100
M320C - FHL M3 X 20 ZIXC27320100
M325C - FHL M3 X 25 ZIXC27325100
M330C - FHL M3 X 30 ZIXC27330100
M46C - FHL M4 X 6 ZIXC2746100
M48C - FHL M4 X 8 ZIXC2748100
M410C - FHL M4 X 10 ZIXC27410100
M412C - FHL M4 X 12 ZIXC27412100
M415C - FHL M4 X 15 ZIXC27415100
M418C - FHL M4 X 18 ZIXC27418100
M420C - FHL M4 X 20 ZIXC27420100
M430C - FHL M4 X 30 ZIXC27430100
M58C - FHL M5 X 8 ZIXC2758100
M510C - FHL M5 X 10 ZIXC27510100
M512C - FHL M5 X 12 ZIXC27512100
M515C - FHL M5 X 15 ZIXC27515100
M518C - FHL M5 X 18 ZIXC27518100
M5otherC - FHL M5 OTHERXC275Xcheck

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