• Heavy Duty Stainless Stud

Stainless Steel (C - HFHS) Heavy Duty Clinch Studs

Product Details

These HEAVY DUTY clinch studs have a larger diameter thicker head which remains partly protruding after installation. This provides greater torque-out and pull-through performance than the standard flush head clinch studs and also the extra M10 thread size option. The C-HFHS studs are made from 300 series stainless steel and are suitable for press installation into material of up to 70HRB hardness.

The stud length stated is 'installed length' which is from the outer head side of the panel to the end of the stud, protruding part of the head is not included.


Thread SizeHole DiameterMin sheet thicknessMin distance centre to panel edge

Dimensions in mm

Thread Size
Part RefOrder CodeOrder MultipleQty
M615C - HFHS M6 X 15 A2XC31615100
M620C - HFHS M6 X 20 A2XC31620100
M625C - HFHS M6 X 25 A2XC31625100
M630C - HFHS M6 X 30 A2XC31630100
M650C - HFHS M6 X 50 A2XC31650100
M815C - HFHS M8 X 15 A2XC31815100
M816C - HFHS M8 X 16 A2XC31816100
M820C - HFHS M8 X 20 A2XC31820100
M825C - HFHS M8 X 25 A2XC31825100
M830C - HFHS M8 X 30 A2XC31830100
M835C - HFHS M8 X 35 A2XC31835100
M840C - HFHS M8 X 40 A2XC31840100
M1015C - HFHS M10 X 15 A2XC311015100
M1020C - HFHS M10 X 20 A2XC311020100
M1025C - HFHS M10 X 25 A2XC311025100
M1030C - HFHS M10 X 30 A2XC311030100
M1035C - HFHS M10 X 35 A2XC311035100
M1040C - HFHS M10 X 40 A2XC311040100
M1050C - HFHS M10 X 50 A2XC311050100
M520C - HFHS M5 X 20 A2XC31520100

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